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The video does not finish generating from the APIs

Send this video id clp_lxeS2yQFfMiMM4mh1g2Bu
The process is created and it does not finish, it does not generate any errors and it does not return the response to the webhook

I have carried out the process with several videos (actors and presenters) and they maintain the problem

I consult the operation through the API https://api.d-id.com/clips/clp_lxeS2yQFfMiMM4mh1g2Bu, the response creates a pending url and does not allow me to download

"pending_url": "s3://d-id-clips-prod/auth0|6511dcadaee7d667e0dcba5a/clp_lxeS2yQFfMiMM4mh1g2Bu/matt-9C51DD6lgH.mp4",