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Password error while doing account registration

Hi, i am registering a new account on D-id. when I put on email address and password according to the required criteria. But it simply given the error in the Password field. It is not accepting any password. what is the solution for it?

watermark appears with scale plan

Hi When i generate a lipsync with the creative studio i get an AI watermark even though i have a scale plan? Many issues have risen with DID we 1 st bought the scale plan to add our own video animation as it is advertised on your website but i not true this is fake advertising. We don't have any examples of animations mentioning which drivers animation it is so we loose credits each time to test them all ! Responses are really slow for technical issues Lipsync is poor quality and doesn't synchronize well with voice and lip movements when using our own sound files.

I have a pro plan account

Hi I have a Pro plan account and my video still has the watermark all over it. How can I remove that?

Face not detected

I looked at it even if I uploaded it according to the image limitation, and changed the shape of the mouth of the image so that it can recognize the face well, but I don't know what the reason is, but it keeps showing up that it doesn't recognize the face. Why is that.

do not have such functions as changing emotions and animations of movements, which are shown in the training video.

In your training video, the avatar's arms and body move. On what tariff are these features available? I currently have the Light tariff, and I do not have such functions as changing emotions and animations of movements, which are shown in the training video.

Adding recorded voice to my own 3D object

I want to get the primum account. But I want to know if it's possible to enter a 3D model from my own and then the AI would be able to use my voice and animate the whole body accordingly

Access issues encountered in D-ID platform

I am a user from China and an enthusiast of artificial intelligence. There is a large community of AI enthusiasts in China, many of whom are helping to introduce and promote D-ID. This platform is highly favored by everyone. However, we have encountered difficulties in accessing this website, possibly due to compliance issues in China. I am curious if there are any plans to address this and make the platform more accessible to Chinese users? [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Streaming not working in mac safari and IOS safari, chrome

We have followed this demo <https://github.com/de-id/live-streaming-demo/blob/main/streaming-client-api.js> this is working fine on chrome and firefox but not working in the mac Safari and IOS safari, chrome. Even the above demo link not working in the Mac Safari.

Stream Clips - No Bytes Received - Critical Failure

Hi Team, I believe you have a critical error in your Stream API output. Around 30/40% of the create clip request do not return any bytes and the stream stays open with no error message. You can try it with the demo you provide here. <https://github.com/de-id/live-streaming-demo> Put your credentials in the demo, run it with clips, not talks. It fails at random times, around half of the time, with no bytes received from the stream despite a successful response of the call. Try it several times in a row to see the stream return no bytes form time to time. I have been billed a lot of credits with no bytes in return. Please get in touch with me as I dont believe I should pay for no bytes being sent by your API. I can send you a video example of the failure. Here is the header response of a stream clip call, being successful but not returning any bytes in the stream. { "status": "started", "session_id": "AWSALB=zydASwZLweZSSh0Yu5x5D1hfLyUDr+JJFB28SGD+CQ1G+DwlVHQgKVpzyiVgQde/qGkC8NVcwAeEVx6OVeLSHkQBvyaGhrEboS2+9JAmH74S+AquNOvEIOxEMjEq; Expires=Tue, 27 Feb 2024 01:11:58 GMT; Path=/; AWSALBCORS=zydASwZLweZSSh0Yu5x5D1hfLyUDr+JJFB28SGD+CQ1G+DwlVHQgKVpzyiVgQde/qGkC8NVcwAeEVx6OVeLSHkQBvyaGhrEboS2+9JAmH74S+AquNOvEIOxEMjEq; Expires=Tue, 27 Feb 2024 01:11:58 GMT; Path=/; SameSite=None; Secure", "duration": 17.266875 }

Help Me

Dear [Şirket Adı] Support Team, I accidentally made a payment for the Lite package, but I intended to purchase the Premium membership. As mentioned before, I am ready to proceed with the payment for the Premium package. I appreciate your assistance in completing this transaction. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Best regards, Nur Akyiğit [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])