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Here is Lisbon?

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.


how old are you areyou100 or are you200

Community Share D-ID Agent vs GTP4o

![](<>) ![](https://files.readme.io/76dc897-image.png) <https://youtu.be/71Y_EWJQZkk>

I am a writer/blogger on Medium.

My question is, can I use my Canva created images on my Medium Blog?... and in the future, if I decide to write an eBook, can I use these same Canva created images and my own audio files for commercial usage.... ie sale of an eBook?

create talk(video) from audio.

Can I create talk(video) from audio file? If yes, So after upload the audio file, can I create video(talk) using audio Url of this uploaded file?

Why are your ads showing up on my paid account?

I am a Pro Account member and when my agent is posted on Facebook my audience can't experience my agent without first having to read your self promotion advertisement which completely defeats the purpose for promoting my company. Your product is useless for commercial businesses.


I want D-ID agent provides links in written form without pronouncing them, how we can do that?

Missing result_url

I work with the API and create a clip using a php script. When I want to get the video using php with the clip ID, the "result_url" is missing. I just get a "pending_url" which doesn't allow me to start the video. What is wrong?