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How to set wide white canvas with 16:9 aspect ratio?

I recently created a video using your web interface, available at https://studio.d-id.com/share?id=2158c170146f77d45a98e7a6fff33ab0&utm_source=copy , and I am now attempting to replicate the same result using your API. The video I aim to create should have a wide format on a white canvas, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, ensuring that the presenter's hands are visible. The presenter for this video is "Matt."

Previously, you provided me with the following parameters:

"presenter_config": {
"crop": {
"type": "rectangle",
"rectangle": {
"bottom": 0.625,
"right": 1,
"left": 0,
"top": 0.0625

However, I encountered an issue where the presenter appears cropped in the final video, which does not align with my requirements. I am seeking a full view of the presenter, akin to the output from the web interface mentioned earlier (https://studio.d-id.com/share?id=2158c170146f77d45a98e7a6fff33ab0&utm_source=copy).

Could you please assist me in adjusting these parameters to achieve a non-cropped, full-view presentation of Matt, while maintaining the specified aspect ratio and format? Your guidance on the correct settings would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.