Asynchronous Errors

Sometimes things don't go as plan

In addition to the synchronous errors you might get submitting invalid animation request
When calling GET or receiving a webhook you might see additional errors in the response body.
These errors happen during the creation process of the animation and are reported asynchronously.

	"status": "error",
	"error": {
		"kind": "ErrorKind",
		"description": "Short description about the error",
		"details": "Optionally there might be some additional details - with request values"
Error KindDescription
DriverErrorDriver provided is invalid or cannot be loaded
SourceErrorCould not load source image or invalid format
LogoErrorCould not load logo image or invalid format
FaceErrorNo valid face detected
UnknownErrorUnknown internal error


You are not billed for errors πŸ’°

Credits will be returned after an error to your account