Amazon Polly Voices

✴️ Amazon Polly TTS

Amazon Polly Text to Speech Provider support dozens of languages, with a large variety of authentic human voices, including neural voices and voice styles. This provider is integrated inside D-ID's API. Simply choose your desired voice and use it in your API request.

✴️ Example Usage

D-ID provides Amazon Polly integration to generate text to speech

provider: {
  type: "amazon",
  voice_id: "Amy"

✴️ Available Voices

Go to Amazon Polly voices list above, and:

  1. Select any voice from the voice list
  2. Copy the voice name / ID
  3. Use it as string in the voice_id field


Get all Text-to-Speech supported voices

See /voices endpoint to get all the supported voices from all integrated TTS providers


Using other text to speech providers

You can also use any other external provider you like, and pass it as an audio URL instead, or upload it as an audio file.

✴️ Support

Have any questions? We are here to help! Please leave your question in the Discussions section and we will be happy to answer shortly.

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